Can't find a Charity Shop [What to do with old but still wearable clothes?]


It might sound a bit silly but I can’t find a charity shop within walking distance (2 miles). I have a big heap of clothes which are a bit old but still perfectly wearable and undamaged. I’d love to give them to a charity shop. But the closest one seems to be the “Spitalfields Crypt Trust” shop, 589-591 Roman Road.

Any tips? Please let me know. Thanks!


I use Traid, they pick up from your house.


Yeah, I agree with @Falco about the lack of charity shops. We’ve also had to use Traid as they’ll come around and pick up your clothes.


There are also clothing drop off points on the street. The ones I use are on Carpenters road near the pub and on Lauriston Road in Victoria Park. There is a lack of charity shops in this area for some odd reason. Not a new thing either, has been that way since I moved to Stratford in 2002.


I’ve used Scope and Sense by Hackney Central (either side of the junction of Mare St and Morning Lane). Or there’s another Sense shop on Lea Bridge Road. I think they are all slightly over 2 miles. I was cycling though, there could be better/shorter routes by foot.


I think people on the face book mentioned uniqlo/m&s/TKMax as shops that collect clothes for charity. Probably worth checking their websites or looking if you’re in Westfield anyway


I thank you all very much.

My dilemma is that I’d like my clothes to be worn by someone - as they’re still in good condition. I had have heard about shops like H&M which take used clothes but there’s a concern (a conspiracy theory?) about those companies having an agenda to destroy the second-hand market, as well as the distribution of free clothing. I’m also worried about clothes being sold and shred and then recycled, as this is often a good source of income - which will hopefully go to charity and not mostly into salaries and the like. Well, well, well - it seems I’ll make my way to Roman Road with a huge suitcase one day…

Thanks again,


Hi Falco
The shops that take clothes tend to have a link with a specific charity who will normally be clear on what happens to the clothes

All charities that collect clothes will shred some for rags - not everything is saleable, and at least that brings in a little bit of income and reduces landfill


Hi @Falco, another option is the Mind headquarters in Stratford (15 to 19 Broadway) as they take items and you can register for gift aid. It isn’t a charity shop but they distribute to their stores as appropriate. Cheers.


Hey, check out :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody!


Hi All,

There is a charity shop in Leyton High Road. Walking distance from drapers field about 5 mins. I have taken clothes there. You will see clothes hanging outside the shop…sorry haven’t noticed a name on the shop.


What’s the nearest corner of this charity shop? Leyton High Road isn’t exactly short.


Its the beginning of Leyton High Road…pass the mosque, then keep walking then there is a grocery shop and it is a few shops down. That is why I said it is 5 minutes.


106 High Road Leyton.