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Hi there,

I am looking to change Broadband provider. Is anyone with Sky? I know there was some restriction when we first moved in a year ago when we could only opt for either BT or Hyperoptic.

I was wondering if anyone had managed to set up an account with a different provider?


We moved in in early March, we’re with BT and very happy with it.


You can use any broadband provider, such as Sky, but they will only provide standard (~10 Mbps) speed broadband. If you want high speed fibre broadband the only choices are Hyperoptic or BT.
This may change in the future if and when other providers start offering fibre-to-the-premise services over Openreach’s network, but the only other company I’m aware of that’s trialing it is Plusnet (also part of BT).


The standard ~10 Mbps broadband from Hyperoptic is free for Get Living London residents as part of their lease so I suspect most are with them. You can get higher speeds but that’s when you start paying.


We’ve been very happy with Hyperoptic and I can’t imagine ever switching elsewhere.


Broadband options for Chobham Manor

Seethelight has been mentioned previously but I don’t think I need speeds that fast. East Village is currently on 20Mb/s and I think thats amply fast for what I use it for.

IFNL letter April 2017.pdf (1.0 MB)

Edit 19/05/2017: Seems like some of the prices are already out of date. The cheapest is £24.50/month


We’ve gone with as we wanted a broadband only (no phone line) package and for some reason half the providers still have phone line and broadband packages when no phone line is required for fibre. Just didn’t like it on principle and the fact that I can’t remember when I last had a landline. Have not used one in the three years living at East Village.

Because they’re the cheapest I’m worried about how good the support is but hopefully it’ll get connected and never have to call up about anything. Hyperoptic is very good and would have gone with them at the new place but they’re not a part of the IFNL.

Purebroadband 30Mbps package £24.50 with free installation if you buy their router.


I heard that file sharing / use of torrents won’t work with PlusNet whereas it works fine with BT. Any comments/views?


i was with plusnet before, experience is good, no problem with torrents downloading, a few torrents sites are blocked like many other ISPs (but not hyperoptic)


Thanks @jkei Yes, I can confirm that file sharing / use of torrents does work with PlusNet. They told me in a life chat which then was emailed to me.

How about Hyperoptic? Any experiences re file sharing / use of torrents? Thanks!


They don’t block anything, and they’re really good at just about anything else. Also, the price is a steal compared to the alternatives. You do want to pay the extra fiver to have a public IP, but that depends on your needs (I need it for work and various other bits).

They also let you use your own equipment - their router isn’t the greatest (you won’t get gigabit over their wifi router, but will get it wired), but you can just go on Amazon and get eg and pull 700mbps down and 600mbps up on a modern iPhone/iPad).

You can also use your own VOIP phone (internally, their router uses an ATA so you can use a normal BT-style handset). That makes it easy to make your own fancy answering machine, or e.g. (we use that one so we have the 020 number Hyperoptic supplied to receive calls and a third-party SIP provider to send calls at rates below pennies per minute both national and international).

Their main ‘downside’ is that they don’t have TV service; you’re stuck with Sky or any of the OTT providers for that.


That all matches my experience. The provided router sucks, slow Wifi and my connection used to drop out. I replaced it with a Google Wifi and have had zero issues since. It’s literally just ethernet straight into your flat so you can use any router, don’t need a modem. We use a Google Wifi, plugged it in to the wall, everything just works. I usually get about 600 down / 900 up during peak times, and 900 down / 950 up at quiet times. Torrent traffic doesn’t seem to be capped at all, your only problem will be finding enough seeds to feed your download rates.

@yvanj I’m trying to understand SIP and it sounds like maybe you’ve already figured this stuff out. Do you know if it’s possible to connect a SIP phone without using their router at all? I assume I can put their router between my router and the wall and just use that for SIP and mine for DHCP/LAN/Wifi but it’ll make the cupboard a mess. Is there anything I can place on the LAN side of my router to add SIP support?


Yes - you do not need to use their router at all for SIP. You also don’t need to do any weird configuration wrt. firewalling/forwarding/etc. To use the HyperOptic-provided 020 number, you just need to get the hostname, username and password they provision in their router and you can just email support@ and they’ll tell you.

Most likely, your settings will look like this:

Port: 5060
Username: HYnnnnn (nnnnn being a five digit number matching some of your billing data)
Password: <randomly generated blurb>

You can just configure it in a SIP handset like this:

If you need any help with that let me know (for advanced use, you can also put it in e.g. Asterisk and have an answering machine which emails you the recordings and sends known cold callers to Lenny - I used to do that and listening to the recordings’s always hilarious).

But I digress - price/quality wise HyperOptic is the best deal available in E20, and they’re really helpful if you email them on support@ or call them (they even answer within hours on e.g. a Sunday evening)