Bird launches electric scooter pilot in a single route inside QEOP


The electric scooter revolution is coming to London, as the US-based startup Bird launches the UK’s first legal scooter-hire service in a route inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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Sign up with Bird and use code RWPGLZK to get a free ride! —


Great! Strangely, the offer page won’t accept any of the mobile phone numbers in my family… Is this offer for USA customers only?


You need to check in your mobile phone and download the BIRD App >> enter the code in the PAYMENT section in the App (top left navigation). It worked OK for me and my partner. :+1::grinning:


Thanks Frank,
confusingly it says ‘Enter your phone number to download the app’ , when really you should download the app then enter the code!
all worked in the end - Now I have registered on the app, I can see where I can use it - it’s a shame I can’t use it around all of the northern park - that would have been fun!


Had a go yesterday, they’re brilliant! Picked one up at Here East and dropped it off near the Aquatic Centre. The charge adds up quickly though (i think it was £1 to unlock, then 20p per minute) so maybe don’t lose track of time like I did :sweat_smile: