Bike servicing


Hey there. Can anyone recommend anyone local to Stratford that can give my bike a service before I do Ride London? Been looking near work and the London Bicycle Workshop can do a general service and drivetrain degrease for £75. No idea if that’s reasonable so what do you think @Lee?

I tried to look up Skinny Eric’s last night and had problems finding any info about opening times and location.


Skinny Eric’s has changed to Frankenbike. Same mechanics.


Awesome, thanks Henry :slight_smile:


Frankenbike have done a couple of things for me. Efficient and communicate


I can also endorse Frankenbike, did a service for me before a big sportive very efficient and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.


Bit further west on Roman Road but highly recommended:


Hi Amy,

I used and was really pleased with my service. Plus for an extra £10, Sam the owner will collect and return your bike by van.
Best of luck with the Ride100,