Bike servicing


Hey there. Can anyone recommend anyone local to Stratford that can give my bike a service before I do Ride London? Been looking near work and the London Bicycle Workshop can do a general service and drivetrain degrease for £75. No idea if that’s reasonable so what do you think @Lee?

I tried to look up Skinny Eric’s last night and had problems finding any info about opening times and location.


Skinny Eric’s has changed to Frankenbike. Same mechanics.


Awesome, thanks Henry :slight_smile:


Frankenbike have done a couple of things for me. Efficient and communicate


I can also endorse Frankenbike, did a service for me before a big sportive very efficient and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.


Bit further west on Roman Road but highly recommended:


Hi Amy,

I used and was really pleased with my service. Plus for an extra £10, Sam the owner will collect and return your bike by van.
Best of luck with the Ride100,


Thanks Guy, Alex from @Frankenbike has just joined Yonder. Good to have a local bike shop on here.

Welcome them and ask any questions directly.

@Frankenbike can you let us know your prices for servicing?


Thanks @Lee!

Yes, I have finally joined due to a lovely customer reminding me the other day!

We charge £55 for a full service excluding parts, £35 for a smaller basic service/safety check if the bike has not been used for a while and does not require any major parts.

The best thing to do would be to bring it in and we can advise you on what is most suitable for the bike!

The full workshop price list is available on our website at in the ‘Workshop’ section. If in doubt, please give us a call or an e-mail and we can provide a more accurate quote. It’s always better to bring the bike in for us to have a look at though!