Bike fitting


Hi, does anyone have any good contacts for a bike fit, I’ve reached out to a mobile company thanks to @Lee from @PaveVelo and would like to see if anyone has had a bike fit they could also recommend?
Thanks all for any input


I had a bike fit at Cadence Performance at Crystal Palace. Was really good (physio check, retül check, cleat position check etc) and they identified what was causing my knee problems. I had to replace my stem for size and they didn’t try to up sell or push anything. I went with Sandro. Was £150 if I remember correctly.


Hey Stuart, for the benefit of others, ‘Wei-ho’ founder of Foundation Fit is a pro, worked with Condor, Swift and many other bikes stores. Foundation are our bike fit partner at @PaveVelo in London.

Locally I know he has fitted Romance Team, @Liam_N , @ian_king and many of our customers.

Highly recommended, but great to hear what others recommend locally. :ok_hand: