As part of the @QEOP sustainability activity they are partnering with BetterPoints, a new app that rewards the local community for getting on the Park and getting involved in health, wellbeing and sustainable activities.

Anyone can download the BetterPoints app, enabling them to gain points for different activities on the Park; from walking and running to discovering the biodiversity or arts trails, volunteering and taking part in organised sport programmes.

The points gained from these activities can then be “spent” on vouchers for high street chains and local independent shops, or converted into cash donations to national charities and local community causes.

East Village Playgroup has joined and can now receive donations, so please download the app, get active and help the Playgroup :wink:

You can get more info on BetterPoints here

Thank You


Hi @EVPlaygroup,

Thanks for posting this.

Anyone who would like to join the BetterPoints rewards scheme, you can do it by downloading the BetterPoints app for iOS or Android. Use the “QEOP” promo code when signing up.

You can read more about our work in @QEOP here.

Find the Playgroup under “Donate” to donate your points to them. :slight_smile:

Should you have any questions about the points or the rewards contact us at

Best wishes,
Marietta Le