Babies and Buggies Run - Tuesdays 10am, Fix East Village


Tuesdays 10am Fix East Village

Running is for everyone. Even babies. Obviously not literally (quite yet), but why let your baby stop you from enjoying the benefits of running as a form of exercise?

Our weekly daytime run group is designed specifically for parents of small children. We meet each week at Fix East Village just before 10am, then take a short jog / stroll to the Olympic Park for an hour of activity. That hour will comprise a good warm-up, a main session of about 15-20 minutes of running and exercises and a cool down, involving stretches.

The main session will also feature plenty of rest, you won’t be running for more than 3 minutes without a rest or a chance to check on the baby who will be with us, of course. You can either run with the baby (in a buggy obviously), or as we always use a limited space and create sessions that are designed for this purpose, someone (usually the coach!) will always be with parked buggies.

Of course, you don’t have to have a baby with you at all, the sessions work equally well without them!