August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


Didn’t @Alan say he had 2 spare jerseys?


Yeah, was a right laugh and as long as I get home in time will be racing tomorrow (albeit in VCL kit!). 35+ women, mix of experience & novice


Thanks for sharing @jools - I was chatting to @Trudy_Sharam about this a few days ago at the shop, she’s put a shout out over Twitter here also:


I meant to add last night that CC London are doing a novice race at hog hill (mostly using the circuit avoiding the hill) on Monday. I can’t remember ever seeing a Cat 4 only crit for women, so really good opportunity if you are new to racing!


Is there an accessible ride this weekend? I haven’t been scared off yet :slight_smile: . More fun then going to carnival:slight_smile:.


Bank Holiday Sunday mid pace ride to the Southend seaside!

Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park, opposite Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 16-17 mph (26-27 kph)
Distance: around 75km

Hi everyone I’ll be leading a mid-pace ride to Southend on Sunday for anyone who fancies joining.

Once we arrive its time for a recovery ice cream on the beach then a train back to West Ham station - about 45min journey (I won’t be cycling back as have to get back to London at a decent time but others can if they want!)

The rules (as stolen from previous posts)!, please remember to:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Be at the start point (opposite Sainsbury’s) around 08:20.
  • Bring plenty of water and fuel (bars, gels, bananas)
  • Bring spare tubes, a pump and levers/tools.
  • Bring money for ice cream :icecream: and coffee :coffee: in Southend and the train :steam_locomotive: back (£10.40)
  • Have a way to get home in case of a serious mechanical (cash/card).

Anyone joining will need to be comfortable with the distance and pace, fuelling on a longer rides and be prepared to take turns on the front.

The Strava route is available at:

Given the route sets off a different way to usual from Victory Park we wont be going to High Beach with the accessible group first (assuming there is one). Please reply on here if you are intending on joining



Ill be there


Hi @Kris — I’m not sure there is an accessible ride planned, do you know @Henry ?

Moving forward, I’m sure E20cc collective will be more organised post 1st September E20cc ‘shakeup meetup’ with some clarity and direction on whether we still host regular accessible rides. If you’d like to get involved see @Henry’s post here: and please RSVP for numbers so I can bring enough wine glasses :thinking:


Don’t think anyone is free to lead the accessible this weekend and I’m injured at the moment so no ride for me.


Thanks for confirming @Henry

I can’t make Sunday Southend with @DavidC - looks like a good one!

I’ve been out of the saddle, so keen to rebuild some fitness and up for a casual ride on Sunday, but I must get back for 10:45 latest.

@Kris I’m happy lead an accessible ride to Epping.

If anyone else wants to co-lead so the group can split and join where nescessary. @Sjh would you like to take a faster lead and I’ll lead from the back (if you get my drift)



Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 15mph (24kph)
Distance: 25-30m (40-50k)

Please watch this short video from British Cycling on group riding

More links here:

Hi — I’ll be offering a 25-30mile (40-50km) ride to the Acorn Hut at High Beech, Epping Forest and back. This ride is aimed at road bike riders, no-one left behind. Any MTB, single speed or hybrid users should be regular fitter than average to keep up with the inclusive pace of around 15mph (24kph)

Whilst this ride is accessible, the aim is to push yourself and wanting to improve fitness, so please be aware this is not aimed at being a leisure ride.

We will aim for an AVERAGE across the ride of 15mph (24kph) - this is flexible based on the ability on the ride itself, ride leaders will look out anyone struggling with pace and adjust accordingly.

This is a ‘no drop’ ride, however please respect the basics to avoid holding up the group.

Prepare by:

  • Pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure 90-100psi on road tyre, lube transmission etc.
  • Set correct saddle height and consider postion
  • Understand the distance
  • Take water and snacks during the ride
  • Carrying spare inner tube, levers etc.
  • Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues
  • No need for rucksacks or luggage, remove bracket D-Locks etc.
  • Please don’t skip breakfast unless you are in control of fat burning tricks with strong coffee.

Please let me know here in advance by replying on this topic if you plan to join.



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Hi All - last minute I know but @Theqg_QG and I are doing Brighton to London tomorrow.
Details below if anyone wants to join the roadtrain :steam_locomotive: :biking_man: :biking_man:

Depart: 06:00
Train to Brighton: 06:52 (from Blackfriars)
Route: (.gpx available WhatsApp me)
Stats: 101km / 1,327m^ / 4-4.5 hours in the saddle


@DavidC I’ll join for the Southend ride, see you tomorrow


Hi, Is there an inclusive ride to Epping Forest tomorrow? Thanks, Roseann.


@rkealy — sure is, it’s my turn this week, please see here: August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides

(Thanks @Henry I tidied up the thread)


My quadriceps are really tight. So I am going to have to back out of this one.


Thanks Lee.
B*gger. Hadn’t seen the reply, so decided to stay out for the night. Sorry, don’t think I’ll be fit for an early start by the time i get home & to bed. Next time. Enjoy your ride, Roseann.


Canadian, and non-Canadian Dave in the glorious sunshine


For anyone who has been waiting to buy a garmin, Wiggle are doing around 30% off at the moment…treated myself to a 1000, oops.