August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


I am hoping to join you on the accessible ride too @ToddYatesUK.


See you for the accessible ride tomorrow. First time for a long time!


The old guard back - @Ed_Cross @Sjh count me in @ToddYatesUK :+1:

Of course! @A_my


Running a few minutes late, chain is caked in grease!


That was brilliant. Broke my cherry. Thanks ever so much guys. Looking forward to the next one.


Great turnout today and we were rewarded with perfect weather :sunny: .

Thanks to @Henry, @Sjh and @Lee for helping to make sure everyone got there and back safely. Hope the Cambridge ride went well too :slight_smile: .

Sarah and I are away for the next two weekends but should be out again the one after that.


Thanks a lot @ToddYatesUK - hope Sarah’s wrist fixes up ok soon.


Big thanks to all E20cc for the ride today, really enjoyed it, thanks for organising @ToddYatesUK, hope sarah is ok.
Hope to see you all again soon.


Ride to Cambridge was great, thank you to all who made it so. Glad your knee help up @Stewart1882!

Great to see some new faces on the Accessible ride, and thanks @ToddYatesUK for leading.


Really enjoyable ride, thanks for that and dragging me up the hills


Glad your knee held up too! Kudos for pushing through :smiley:


Haha thanks for the kudos! But that’s me off the bike for a few weeks now. Also, noticed this guy in the picture!


no good! But a rest is in order I think, take care and speedy recovery :muscle:

also thats a great photobomb


Anyone out this weekend?


It’s exactly two years today since my first E20CC ride so here’s a little photographic throwback for you all. We we something of a smaller group back then and the popular look was a little more casual!


Is that @edward !? No way! I thought he was born wearing lycra!


Women’s Friday Night Racing - including for less experienced riders

Just making sure people are aware of this opportunity at the Velopark. Chance for women to get racing experience in a less intense environment. They suggest you do some specific training first, but less experienced riders can go at their own pace:


Totally awesome thanks for sharing!! :smiley:


If you enter, someone might have an appropriately-sized E20 jersey to race in. I might be able to volunteer as a marshal, which would be another way of them getting people into trying something new, I suppose

@HelS - did you race the last one?


I’m thinking of entering the 15th September one, I have a competition this weekend so can’t do this Friday due to traveling :smiley: