August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


Hi Henry Can you add me to the closed group please?


Hello and welcome to Yonder - you’ve been added to the closed group here:


Hello there. I am interested in joining a group ride Sunday 20th of this month if anyone is going out? I’ve never been on one before but I am a commuter cyclist so used to being on roads, looking to improve speed and fitness.


Hey @Larissa_Ord, welcome to the group :slight_smile: .
Also @Kris, @A_my and anyone else looking for an accessible ride.

There will be a couple of rides this Sunday (20th). I will take a group out to High Beach (Epping Forest). There are options for extra hill loops and/or extra tea drinking once we get there.

Distance will be around 36-40km depending on the exact route and whether you do any extras. Pace is usually around 20-24km/h but is totally flexible depending on the group - nobody gets left behind.

Please remember to:

  • Eat breakfast (before the ride!)
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Be at the start point (opposite Sainsbury’s) around 08:20.
  • Bring water (and drink it!)
  • Bring a spare tube, pump and levers/tools.
  • Bring snacks and/or money for the tea stop.
  • Have a way to get home in case of a serious mechanical (cash/card).

Please reply to the thread if you’re planning to come along so we know who we’re waiting for :slight_smile:

I know the route well but I’m quite new to leading groups, please feel free to yell at me whenever necessary.

(I think there is also a faster ride heading to Cambridge planned but I’ll let @Henry or someone else post the details for that. We may stay together as a big group out to Epping or at least part of the way and then people can split into appropriate groups.)



Departure: 8:30am
Meeting place: Victory Park, opposite Sainsburys
Target Avg. Speed: 16-17 mph (25-26 kph)
Distance: 60miles (100km)

I’ll be leading a mid pace ride to Cambridge on Sunday for those who are up for it. We’ll set off with the Accessible Ride from Stratford up to High Beach before covering the 100k (60 miles) to Cambridge. We can then catch the train back to London (or those who feel up for it can cycle back!). We can take a recovery stop en route but we’ll aim to stop properly once we reach Cambridge, either at the Espresso Bar or if the weather is really good, at The Orchard in Grantchester.

Please remember to:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Check your tyre pressures
  • Be at the start point (opposite Sainsbury’s) around 08:20.
  • Bring water and fuel (bars, gels)
  • Bring a spare tube, pump and levers/tools.
  • Bring money for coffee in Cambridge and train back
  • Have a way to get home in case of a serious mechanical (cash/card).

Anyone joining will need to be comfortable with the distance and pace, fuelling on a longer rides and be prepared to take turns on the front.

Link to the route is below, but it is reversed. So if you plan on loading it up on your Garmin for Sunday, be sure to reverse it back. I have attached the correct and reversed GPX file ready to go.

Please reply to this thread if you plan on joining

Cambridge_to_Stratford.gpx (145.4 KB)



In :smiley: (though I couldn’t view the route…)


The route was set to private, oops. It should be viewable now, but let me know if not. I’m unable to upload a GPX file to Yonder unfortunately.


Hi @ToddYatesUK Thanks for this. I will do my level best to make this ride. It should be okay for me, but I can confirm tomorrow night. Look forward to seeing you there. :+1:t4:


I’ve just updated file extension permissions and you should be able to upload .gpx files now - thanks


Awesome, thanks!


Correct GPX file attached with starting point as Stratford and ending in Cambridge. Cambridge_to_Stratford.gpx (145.4 KB)


I’ll be coming along tomorrow for the accessible ride, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I just want to confirm that I will be coming to the accessible arrive tomorrow. I hope to see you all there. Hope I don’t hold up anyone too much. :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’d like to come along for the accessible ride tomorrow morning. Ideally I’d be back in Stratford by c.10:45 - does that sound feasible? I’m very happy to break off and make my own way back if people are still out there! Looking forward to it!


Hi @Alistair_Nelson - Depends on how quickly you cycle back! If you skip hill loops at High Beach and head straight back you should be back in Stratford around that time. Hope to see you tomorrow!


Evening guys, I’ll be coming along tomorrow and will most likely do the ride to Cambridge.

Out of interest, what time will we realistically be back if we catch the train for the return journey?


I would say around 3. Train takes an hour then it’s about an hour cycle back to Stratford from Kings Cross. You could catch the Southeastern from St Pancras which will have you in Stratford in 7 minutes.


Sounds good, thanks @Henry :+1:t3:


Hi Alistair, that’s perfectly feasible — I’m hoping for a gentle stretch over to High Beech and back myself. I also need to be back before 11am.


I’m dealing with fluid in my knee, but assuming its no problem I’ll aim for Cambridge with you guys and drop off and grab a train home if needs be