August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides


New thread for August 2017

E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local cyclists. See the dates below for dates and times. Join the conversation, you can also read other older threads here:

Membership details: Want to join E20 Cycling Club?

We also have a closed group here: < Simply ask to request access

Our regular Sunday morning ride is aimed at meeting people to train with, generally around 25 miles with nobody left behind. Please introduce yourself below if you are planning on coming along. Make sure your tyres are pumped and riders should carry a spare tube. Helmet is recommended, although not compulsory.

Note: Ad-hoc on and off-road rides consist of evenings, weekends and longer training sessions — keep an eye on the thread and join the conversation.

Road Rides
Sun 6th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

Sun 13th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

Sun 20th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

1 - @ToddYatesUK (Accessible) Epping - August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides

2 - @Henry (Mid-Pace) Cambridge - August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides

Sun 27th 8.30am | Ride leaders:

1 - @Lee (Accessible) High Beech, Epping - August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides

2 - @DavidC (Mid-Pace) - Southend - August 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure rides

Meeting point for all rides:
Sundays: Victory Park - opposite Sainsburys from 8.30am depart.
50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB —

Update and important note regarding planning:

If you plan to ride with E20cc on any given Sunday. We urge you to let the ride leader know you are coming, by simply leaving a message here on the current monthly topic.

Thank you

Other local groups and clubs in and around East London.
Newham BREEZE ‘For Women-Only Rides’ Contact ‘Dini Patel’ - Click here:
NEWHAM - more info: @stevoline ride co-ordinator.

Want to learn to ride a bike?
Cycle Confident have one primary aim, to empower as many people as possible to take to the roads on their bicycles. They work with Individuals, Businesses, Local Authorities and Activity Groups giving them the tools and training to cycle safely, and with confidence, on and off the road. More info —


Seems like there will be a break in the rain and wind this Sunday. Anyone fancy a mid-pace to Blackmore?


Hi I hope I can wake up and join Sunday ride.
Is anybody keen on going for some Epping loops tomorrow around 9 am. I would like to have strong quick ride and I’m happy to have some company


Hello there! I’m interested in joining the accessible rides. I’m mostly a commute cyclist at the moment doing about 12 miles a day but my average speed on a work commute is around 9mph so not super swift but I’d like to get fitter and faster. I’ve been riding for years so pretty confident on and off-road just not a fast rider at the mo!


Hi, I plan to join the group ride tomorrow morning :slight_smile: Former low level competitive cyclist; currently an out of shape dad.


Hi guys

Just some more details on the mid-pace ride tomorrow.

It will be 56 miles (90k) at around 17 mph (27 kph) from our usually meeting place to Blackmore for a coffee. This will be a ride for those comfortable with the distance, pace and fueling during a ride. It will also be a check-out ride, meaning if you need to turn back or slow down, you will need to be able to find your way back to Stratford.

Depart at 0830



Welcome @A_my — I’m afraid I’m not sure who’s leading an accessible ride this week, I’m not around myself, but be sure to keep an eye on this thread for details of plans & happenings


Hi Lee

I’ll keep my eye out. Reckon my CdF 20 can hack it? :wink:


Great ride today everyone. Massive thanks to @henry for leading it even if there were a few dodgy directions called at times - certainly made the strava map look a little more colourful!


Straight forward? Right!.. no seriously right hahaha awesome ride today guys! Thanks :blush:


Thanks for the ride everyone :slight_smile: I will see you all next Sunday


Haha what’s a right turn without a little left turn every now and then. Great ride though, everyone pushed themselves and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. See everyone next Sunday.


Hmm, this looks like a very pro bunch of cyclists! I’m not sure my baggy shorts will keep up!


Haha don’t worry! These are the fast and mid pace groups. The accessible is more relaxed.


Baggy shorts always welcome on the accessible ride! Have a secret love for CdFs too!


Hi guys.
I will lead mid pace ride to high beach with addition of 4-5 hill loops.
Please make sure you take plenty of food and drink with you, spare parts etc.
I will target 27-29 km/h avarage as it will be not very long ride.
If someone don’t feel like making so many loops there is a good spot to wait till other finish.
Set of 8.30 am


See you there


Thank you for today ride to everyone.
I hope to see you all soon lovely ppl


Does anyone know when the next accessible ride is?


I was away this weekend but have nothing planned for next so I should be able to at least make sure there’s a ride up to High Beach. Will confirm nearer the time.