August 2016 - Training + Leisure rides



On way, will be 5 mins late


Ok see u there


Great ride with @Lee @haykelb and @Pastor-Kawesi who planned a very interesting route.

Happy bank holiday everyone !


Pleasure sitting on your wheels gentlemen, loved the route @Pastor-Kawesi — I’d like to do this again sometime


Sounds fun guys! Ill look out on Strava for the route. Ill be along next time!


Thanks to you all who came out to make it a great bank holiday ride. @Lee @Theqg_QG @haykelb


@Lee you’re most welcome hopefully we can do it again in the near future


Its the start of white hall road… lol My next target :wink:


Lads glad you managed to ride today… Looked like you had fun, looking forward to perhaps riding on Thursday. Thanks again everyone for Sunday. :smiley:


@edward !


go for it !


I had that Watford hill climb lined up, but have work commitments that weekend and won’t be making that one.

That said, it would be good to see some friendly faces at the climbs I am doing, and they are really good fun - particularly Catford.

At the moment I was planning to enter:
17/09 Cotswold Veldrijden HC (Near Swindon - not so useful for you guys)
24/09 Kingston Wheelers (Leith Hill in Surrey)
25/09 Bigfoot CC (Exedown hill in South London / Kent)
02/10 Wigmore CC (Hollingbourne Hill in Kent - super easy to get to from stratford international)
09/10 Catford and probably Beck (Kent - just)

@edward @Titanium_Henge @Jonathan_Calderon @haykelb @Pastor-Kawesi and @Theqg_QG , you guys all love attacking hills, right?


Hi @E20_Cycle_Club,

A energy gel company gave me a call about trying there gels.

I’ve asked them to send us some samples so I’ll put up the reply once they reply



Ah man, cant say no to a good hill… Lol

Need to change those 88s, fixing that pair of Shimano rs81 C24 on Saturday though.


Haha, thats an extra couple of seconds minimum up Mott street!

Going to the velopark tonight? (I think I am for 6.30ish)


Yeah I will be. Think im taking the fixie though If i can fix the rear wheel. If not, i’ll see you on the 88’s :wink:


If you can hack two days in a row there’s Swains Lane on the 1st October, I’m more likely to be cheering than riding but its usually a good atmosphere Urban hill climb 2016


Well I can’t skip the local climb can I? @HelS


Lads should be there for after 7pm