August 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


@jools — sorry I couldn’t make yesterday’s ride, hoping to make up for it with early morning and evening rides this week.


Anyone up for a long ride on Sunday?


I wish … I think I will be out of the game for a while :frowning:


I’m happy to lead out a leisure ride on Sunday, out to Epping and a couple of hills, back by 10:30 -11 after 25-30 miles


Will be out for a while longer. Tested knee today after a few weeks rest and flared up after 7mi. So frustrating.


May not be out in the morn as have a friends birthday tonight. For those who do go, enjoy!


I’ll be there for the lazy ride tomorrow.

In exciting bike news, one of my shifters came loose and pulled the gear cable out but thankfully that happened in Victoria Park and not halfway up Lippetts! All sorted now anyway.


Great, we are looking forward to it - see you tomorrow morning at 8.30


Ride was fun today, nice to meet you all. Shame that I flatted on the lee bridge road on the way back. Even more of a shame that I broke the presta valve end of my fresh tube. Will remeber a puncture repair kit too next time!


It was a nice ride indeed and thanks for @Sjh to lead it out.

I have one concern about safety, when we have a group like today (17 riders), it is safer to split in 2 groups since the very beginning.


Good ride this morning. Pretty decent pace, particularly these two near the start of the ride!


What segment is that ?


100% agree with Guido, if you join the accessible ride but want to ride quicker please say so at the beginning and I’m sure we can accommodate that.
As we grow I believe we need more ride leaders so if there are people happy and confident to take responsibility for rides please let us know.


Great ride to today, thanks to @Sjh as ever. Agree about splitting up with a larger group like that, just need to figure out the best ways to organise that.


@Pastor-Kawesi and myself are going for a 50km easy ride tomorrow morning leaving at 8am.

Route TBA (50km target)
Avg speed : 26-28km/h

Usual meeting point. We wait 5 min before going.
If interested text me (07789688784) or reply here.



@Theqg_QG / @Pastor-Kawesi — I can sneak this in as long as it’s 50k or thereabouts (I have family commitments to get back for)

Thanks a lot for today @Sjh, good to see you back, nice tan!


Come along … 8am


If I change my mind I’ll post on here :point_down:


It will be 50k the most for sure


Yeah it was a great rid. Thanks guys