August 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


btw … I am probably going this “early afternoon” for a few laps at the Velopark.


Who’s up for a ride tomorrow morning. A early morning ride


I might do RP loops tomorrow morning … but it is in a ver “maybe” state for now.
I will go for some laps today at around 3pm (if works allows).


I may come along so let me know if you’re going


Today I’m talking


Can’t make the Sunday ride tomorrow morning unfortunately. Hopefully next week is a little better


Hi all, not sure who’s leading out anything tomorrow. I’ll be at Victory Park no later than 8:30am, happy to lead, sweep or whatever.

Who else is around?


I’m around and bringing my mate Tim :biking_man:


Super Saturday! What an incredible night of Olympic Cycling in Rio! Just unbelievable, Kenny & Skinner final! So proud!

Can’t wait to ride tomorrow, perfect conditions


I’ll be there tomorrow. Feeling motivated by our amazing team in Rio!


@Lee and I will be 5 mins late max.


Hi guys, is there a ride going on tomorrow?


@jools is currently confirming ride leaders but I imagine there’ll be the usual accessible and intermediate rides happening. We’re down a little on numbers (and thus leaders) currently due to holidays. At worst it’ll be a single group ride to Epping and then extra hills/distance for those who want it.

I’ll probably be there though not 100% right now.

Edit: Actually going to stay up to watch Farah and take the bike out a bit later instead, weather depending.


Let me know if you’re on the way or running late


Cracking ride this morning, tidy 76km ride led by @jools. :thumbsup:


Couldn’t get out this morning I’m afraid - disappointed to have missed it.

Would love to join a repeat next week…


need ride leader for the accessible ride first!


Great ride this morning, thanks to Jools for leading
Should be available for a repeat (or similar) next week


There can be exceptions


Thanks @jools for the ride this morning. Nice to meet you @JoshCox and @Pablo_Smith