August 2016 - Training + Leisure rides


@aahj what about next week. We have a different route plan check it out.

Check out this route on Strava: — cambridge avoiding the a10


Planning to join the medium paced ride on Sunday (or accessible if I’m feeling particularly slow)

Looking forward to it and hope tomorrow morning is as nice as today’s



Im heading out now, can’t resist as the weather is so nice! Ill miss tomorrow so have some km to make up haha. Enjoy tomorrow guys.


@Pastor-Kawesi I’m not going to lie, for next week, and away from the A10… I’m tempted.

My only concern would then be keeping up with you!


If you are specifically training fasted to improve your fat burning/endurance mechanism you need to ride at endurance intensity (this is what the article is discussing). Basically it replicates the effect of the second half of a long ride for the metabolism.

If you want to train to gain speed/strength over short distance (and just happen to be fasted) you need to train at high intensity for short amounts of time. For this it doesn’t matter whether or not you are fasted as the limiting factor going quickly over short distance should be muscle/cardio fatigue not nutrition. If you do do it fasted make sure you take in protein and carbs afterwards so that your body can heal.


I am planning to come along on the Sunday ride led by @Michael_James This is going my first ride.

See you tomorrow


Ride to Cambrdige is postponed.


Just to confirm today’s rides:


Really enjoyable ride today - big thanks to @jools for working so hard to lead our little group!


A great ride, thank @aahj and @jools and @aahj thanks for the post ride macchiato


Interesting message from Simpson Magazine - good cycling-focused magazine for those that don’t know it. Fancy a ride to Brighton with them?


I’d probably get involved Jools :thumbsup:, even more keen if we get some larvely weather, wishful thinking?

Should see you guys again this weekend.


Hi there

I have been looking around for group rides around East London but I am pretty new to the game (only been biking around London for the last few months!). @Michael_James is there an accessible ride this Sunday?



Hi Harry,

Yes there will be a ride this Sunday but I’m not leading but your more than welcome to join.

The ride details are at the top of the thread



Anyone heading to the velopark tomorrow evening for some laps?


Great, thanks. I’ll come along on Sunday, and try and keep up!


See you there


I’m pretty sure I’ll join in on the L2B - it comes at a pretty convenient time as a prepare for a couple of long ones at the end of September. @Pablo_Smith - would be good to do it with a friendly face, if you’re up for it.

I e-mailed them today and they’ll send more info further down the line, but only to people that have e-mailed and shown an interest, just to keep the numbers under control. They’re aiming for a 14-16 mph pace so more than doable.

On the usual Sunday rides, I’m sure I’ll be out this weekend…


How much does riding on the Velopark cost?


To ride the outdoor track costs 4£ on week days and 5£ on weekends.

you can find more info here: