August 2016 - Training + Leisure rides



New thread for August We need ride leaders for Sundays.

E20 Cycle Club is an inclusive group for local cyclists. See the dates below for dates and times. Join the conversation, you can also read other older threads here: E20 Cycle Club

We also have a closed group here: E20CC Members Group < reply to request access.

Road Ridesevenings, weekends and ad-hoc longer rides.
Our regular Sunday morning ride is aimed at meeting people to train with, generally around 25 miles with nobody left behind. Please introduce yourself below if you are planning on coming along. Make sure your tyres are pumped and riders should carry a spare tube. Helmet is recommended, although not compulsory.

Road Rides

Sun 7th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders: @jools @Michael_James

Sun 14th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders: @Lee

Sun 21st 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders:

Sun 28th 8.30am - Epping/hills | Ride leaders: @Sjh Stuart

Meeting points:
Sundays: Victory Park - opposite Sainsburys from 8.30am depart.
50 Celebration Avenue, East Village, E20 1DB —

Inclusive leisure rides

From time to time E20cc will announce ad-hoc leisure rides However we recommend looking at local borough groups:
NEWHAM - more info: @stevoline ride co-ordinator.

Want to learn to ride a bike?

Cycle Confident have one primary aim, to empower as many people as possible to take to the roads on their bicycles. They work with Individuals, Businesses, Local Authorities and Activity Groups giving them the tools and training to cycle safely, and with confidence, on and off the road. More info —


EDIT THIS FASTER RIDE AT 8am in cancelled. <<

#Fast ride to Cambridge and back

Let’s open the dances of the new month with a fast ride to one of the prettiest town that the UK has to offer.

@Pastor-Kawesi and myself are planning a fast ride to Cambridge and back on Sunday morning.

Depart: 8am + 5 min grace period . If you are going to be late, please text / wazzup to +447789688784 or post here.

Target avg speed: +30 km/h (we need to beat @Pastor-Kawesi’s record)


Distance: 168km

Elev: about 1000mt

Note: We welcome new and old riders to the fast rides, but need to keep close to the advertised speed to make sure that people can get the planned training in and make it back for the afternoon plans.

Make sure you bring enough food and drinks, this ride may or may not include coffee breaks.


<< EDIT THIS FASTER RIDE AT 8am in cancelled


Trying to decide if I’m this mad or not


Come on come along lol @edward


Agree with Mr. @Pastor-Kawesi , @edward you should come along :slight_smile:


Doing hill intervals tonight as soon as I get back in 30 mins. Any takers?


This raises a good question: from E20 where is the nearest decent hill?


Are you coming with us on Sunday?


#Thursday Laps at the Velopark

@haykelb and myself are going for a few laps at the Velopark this evening. I am planning to be there around 6:15pm … feel free to join.


If I’m free I’ll come along


Mott Street out towards Epping is the nearest ‘proper’ hill. It’s still only about 3 mins of actual climbing (6 minutes including the flatter parts), but that’s about as good as it gets here - the rest are closer to a minute or so.

If you get the Stratford International out to Kent you will get to much better hills in about 30 mins of train travel. Thinking of trying that on saturday.


Any ride this Saturday?


You should lead one Liam!


Hi Everyone
We are planning two club groups at 8.30 this Sunday

Regular accessible ride led by @Michael_James - no-one left behind but the chance to challenge yourself on the hills

Medium paced (25/26kph average) longer ride of about 55km, still circling about Epping Forest hills, led by me

We could still use assistant ride leaders if you’d like to wave your hand as a confident rider

(Additional fast/long ride at 8. See Guido’s post above)

Hope to see lots of you out on Sunday. Let me know if you have any questions


Would love to help but I’ll be away and cant ride on Sunday. So I hope you all enjoy!

I am fairly keen to get out tomorrow morning for a mid paced 60-70km before I head off back to my motherland for a few days. Not sure I’d be able to lead one at this point though unfortunately as I’m not organised enough with possible routes. Anyone else maybe fancy it?

Cheers all,



I’m along Sunday for the intermediate ride - happy to lend a hand @jools if it’s needed.

@Theqg_QG - your ride is too fast and too ballsy for me!
Up for giving it go another time maybe when I’ve got more training in my legs and it’s along quieter roads. I know, rule number 5… :smiley:


I go over to Highgate sometimes which is probably closer and is a reasonable amount of up


Considering pre-breakfast stadium loops? Should you go steady or hard?


Interesting, let us know what you find.

In other news, early football on Sunday means I won’t be on the Epping ride. Might go out tomorrow for some loops. Might also drink too much tonight and not, you know, we’ll see.


About the ride to Cambridge on Sunday, who will likely join ?