April 2018: Training, Club and Accessible Rides


Done … I have updated the gpx file too as it was for a similar ride.


The strava link just points to your strava profile.


it seems like I cannot share the activity.


Oh really? You should be able to go to the activity and then just copy paste the url from your browser to here. If not, http://maplorer.com/view_gpx.html is a good tool for viewing GPX files online.

I know the route though Guido, we did it together last year it was really nice!! I think this is when I got that great snap of you and @jools!


Indeed. We did it together. Looking forward for doing it again. Hopefully more people sign up


I’m joining you @Theqg_QG I got same time limitation. :slight_smile: see you there


Sounds good to me!


Accessible Ride: Sunday 22nd April

Ride Leader: @Henry

Departure: 8:30am

Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys

Target Avg. Speed: 14mph (23kph)

Distance: 25-30 miles (40-50k)

Hello everybody. This weekend, we will have our usual ride up to the Acorn Hut at High Beech, Epping forest. There is the option of doing two hill climbs, Lippits and Mott street, for those who are feeling good. Depending on how we’re feeling and the ability of the group, we continue onwards and do the Tawny Loop.

This ride is a no drop ride. So no one will be left behind. We aim to work as a team and really build on group riding skills. Just remember, even though this ride is accessible we still aim to push ourselves.

We will aim for an average speed of 14mph (23kph) across the ride - this is flexible based on the ability on the ride itself, ride leaders will look out anyone struggling with pace and adjust accordingly.

Prepare by:

Pumping your tyres to appropriate pressure
Set correct saddle height and consider position
Understand the distance
Take on water and snacks during the ride
Carrying spare inner tube, levers etc.
Cash for getting home if you have serious mechanical issues
No need for rucksacks or luggage, remove D-Locks etc.
Have breakfast!

Please reply to this topic if you plan to attend - Thanks!!

Hope to see many of you there.


I should be there pal




Hi, I need to anticipate the ride to 7:30am . Whoever is interested in a 70km ride with 30km/h avg let me know.

The ride profile was shared on my previous post



Marinthe will be leading a club ride and will post here later.


Club Ride

Ride Leader: @MdeBokx

Departure: 8:30am

Meeting place: Victory Park opposite of Sainsburys

Target Avg. Speed: 26kph

Distance: 60km

Route: Tawney loop


Saturday Early Ride
Anyone up for an early ride tomorrow leaving at 7:30am ?
About 60km … need to be home fairly early.

Avg: 28-30km/h



Sorry too early for me on a weekend!


Any bank holiday Sunday funday ride plans a foot? Weather looks ideal for an epic!


Weather does indeed look cracking!

I’m a bit pushed for time so will do a 60k club ride loop around Tawny Lane. Will post ride details shortly.

If anyone else is doing a ride, just post details here.