April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Thanks for having me along today - first time and was great fun! I’ll definitely be back when I can get up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning.


Huge thanks to @jools and @Jonathan_Calderon for the ride today, personally I live for feedback as it simply makes me better so thanks to both leaders for their well timed and focused input!


@PatrickG 's flattering photo from the ride…


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Very nice ride today I really enjoyed it. Jools you’re looking good on that bike with so many colours to get down with you have got to be class as, the untouchable in that department! Nice one P


Hey guys, will be at the VeloPark tomorrow at around 6-6h30 if anyone fancies it!


I will be there


Never been before do you have to pay?


It’s really good value Shaun, £4 weekdays, £5 weekends



Yep great value. Lockers and changing rooms if you’re coming straight from work, helmets compulsory.


Hi All
I’ll be leading a c.120km ride to Great Dunmow and back this Sunday, taking in some of the Essex lanes, with a coffee stop about half way. There’ll be a few hills early on, but nothing too taxing. Any real challenge would be if the wind gets up on the way back - this is where group riding skills come to the fore

We will aim for an AVERAGE across the ride of 26-27kph - this is faster than the accessible ride average, though not as fast as the fast ride average

Whilst we will make some allowances, this will not be a ‘no drop’ ride, therefore please be confident about:

  • the distance
  • fuelling during the ride
  • group riding and taking turns on the front
  • having breakfast!
  • carrying spares, etc.
  • getting home if you need to drop off

Please let me know here in advance if you plan to join, and that you understand the necessary prep

For those with an eye on July, we will cover some of the Dunwich Dynamo route



So sadly I’m spending weekend in Portsmouth.
Next few weeks I might have hard time to come out for Sunday rides. But I will try to find some Sundays free.


Good session at the Velopark today. Got a ducks crossing hazard on my last lap! Who thought it would be a good idea to have wildlife inviting tall grass in the middle of a road circuit?!


I might very well join you @jools … I will check with the plans at home


Is anyone leading a faster pace ride this week?


Thanks for organising this @jools! I am planning on joining you.


I think we’ll be joining Jool’s mid-pace ride. We are doing a fast pace on Saturday morning. I’ll post it during lunch if anyone is interested.


Who is ‘we’? Or do you talk like the Queen these days?!

Just a general reminder - helpful if anyone is planning on joining my ride that they say so here in advance, confirming they have read the guidelines


‘We’, are the bunch that normally do the fast paced ride. Hopefully one day I can talk like the dear Queen though, ?!?

Guido, David, Pastor, Albert, AJ (maybe Haykel) and myself really liked your idea for the mid-paced ride and would really appreciate if you would allow us to journey beside you on your quest.

(that enough Queen for you Jools :wink: )


@jools I am interested in the mid pace ride. This would be my first one this year at this pace for distance. Happy to drop off if holding up half way through.