April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Great ride indeed … @aahj you are the men of the day… next time someone says you sit on wheels we will have him or her to push uphill at +25km for 20k after 120km … great job everyone!


@Theqg_QG @Henry @aahj @Jonathan_Calderon @Pastor-Kawesi

Thanks for the wheels guys. Great to ride in formation with you


Which ride are you talking about @PatrickG?


Just realised it had nothing to do with the ride on Sunday after going through a few of the emails on the site. No worries and happy Easter P


@jools very very welcome ! I was glad that you and @Henry joined us. Hopefully we will do it soon again.


Great ride to Cambridge today. Thank you to everyone for letting me sit on wheels! Will keep pushing so I can put a shift in up front on the next ride! Was just a pleasure making it there all in a one group! Kudos all round.


Hi folks
Something come up so I’ll no longer be out tomorrow morning. Have a good one.


Hi All
Just a reminder that the accessible ride will go ahead as normal tomorrow. Please read the info at the top of this thread if you are interested, and say hello if you are planning on coming so ride leaders know to look out for you

As @modboy can no longer lead a longer ride, can anyone step in?



I’m aiming to make the ride tomorrow


Due to family commitments I won’t be riding Tomorrow. Happy Easter to you all.


I should be out tomorrow


There isnt a fast paced ride going on tomorrow either so I should be down to assist on the accessible.


Sorry to miss tomorrow, rain or cloud it’s Easter egg hunts at dawn!


If you guys are planning a velopark session this coming Thursday I’ll be up for joining to roll the legs


Sure @Liam_N … I will let you know the time, usually we get there around 6:30pm


Hoping to join the accessible ride at some point soon. What kind of pace do you aim for? I have just started riding again, but want to make sure that I’m not slowing you all down too much…


Will be giving today’s ride a miss @jools.


Hi Matthew
Would be good to see you out. Don’t worry too much about pace as we use the accessible ride to help people build confidence and fitness

If you are more or less fit, and your bike is in good nick (and you don’t need to carry heavy locks or bags, so they won’t slow you down) you should be fine

As you get fitter and faster you can graduate to faster and longer rides or find ride partners for other rides

That said, a few laps of the outdoor track of the velopark is also a good way of building up (though note Thursdays can be a bit fast!)


When I first went out with these guys I hadn’t ridden a bike for ten years and I was the slowest by miles but they didn’t abandon me so I’m sure you’ll be fine!


Hello everyone, good riding today, it was a good pace and we all generally held good formation.

(This is me sandwiching good points with a bad point in the middle).

We all have things we can work on, so I apologize for being critical however I believe that pro-active feedback will improve people.

Finishing up, here the photos from today (Yeeey!) -


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Feel free to use them, dont forget to tag @the_sprinting_sanchez with :camera: if you do.