April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


I’ll be there - fed and equipped as per

(Though it’s oat-based cereal bars and fig rolls for preference)


Hi Henry
Will have a world with Jools regarding this. I will not be around for the meeting on both evenings but will be there for the Sunday morning ride.
Have a good evening P


Mid-Length ride

Hi all

I’m going to be riding this on Sunday morning. Happy to lead this as a mid-distance, slightly faster paced ride:
Distance - 70 KM / 45 miles
Av. pace - 24-30KMH / 15/20MPH

No one left behind etc.

I’m very laid back so if you’re a frustrated Froome then probably best to join @Theqg_QG and @jools. My priority will be for people to enjoy the ride but also bridge that gap between the accessible ride and the big boys ride.

Route is here so download to Garmin/phone if you can.

Any questions lets me know.


Not sure if I like the range of that average pace. Think you should analyse some strava rides to give people a better idea. Theres a big difference in calorie burn between a 70km ride at 25km avg to 27km avg, FYI.


Came on here, because I know that there’s a lot of capable riders for Fridays Cambridge ride. So please lads, step up and make your selves known. We need you! <3


And lasses?


Btw … one more addition to the Ride Policy that I forgot is the following: the environment.

I saw riders throwing energy bars wrappers and other similar items on the road while riding or during the the breaks. This is not good as we should not leave any body behind and this also must apply to our own garbage.

I’d like to know that E20CC is not just the home of some fine riders but the home of fine people.


I will be prepped and ready to join the ride up to Cambridge. Will be catching the train back. Oat bars and gels are my fuel of choice on the bike. These oat bars are really nice with no artificial nasties. Can find in Tesco.


Really! Wow… People you were riding with, are you meaning people we know?


Lool… Apologies, when I say lads, its a general term for both sexes. Lazy me.


Girls and Boys remember that today is Veloparkday … I am probably going to be there around 6:30pm but I have to be back home by 8pm. I will try to remember to wear the E20CC jersey.


Hi all, I’m away from tomorrow therefore will be missing the rides this weekend. Have a cracking time, Cambridge ride sounds great!


Correction … Velopark session starts at 6pm


Can’t make today’s session. @Adam if you see @Theqg_QG (Guido) in the polka dots, say hi! If not I’ll surely be there next week.


but you are in for tomorrow, right ?


Yes of course!


Hmmm… gona grab me some wine and talk about bikes with my cycling friends. Sounds like such a delight, by the way… no one come in shirt and trousers… Jeans this time round. :wink:


My posts on here are rare, but I wanted to express massive, and public, thanks to all that took part in the Good Friday L2C2L ride, and made it so enjoyable and awesome.

@Theqg_QG, @Pastor-Kawesi, @Jonathan_Calderon, @jools, @Henry, you were all rock stars!


I’m up for this mad ride so count me in Patrickg.


such a hipster, L2C2L… Thank you @aahj for being such a magnificent climber and helping us when thy hills were steep and the winds blew hard.

<3 Much Love bro