April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


I hope you guys were all fine and had a wonderful ride. We surely did despite some mechanical problems that forced a couple of the riders to retire earlier.

Time for some recovery now …


Anyone fancy heading Richmond way this afternoon? I had a lie in this morning…


Hi Henry

Lovely ride today but I just think it would be much nicer if it was a bit longer, something like 50 miles if that’s not asking for too much. It’s worth considering as will as get other riders opinions. I would be more than happy to lead some of the way if this is the road you would like to adventure down.

Have a great Sunday P


Time for you to design and lead a ride @PatrickG?

The accessible ride is designed so new and less experienced riders can get out to Epping Forest with plenty of support.

As I know you’ve seen, other ride leaders will describe other longer or faster rides here, and often ask people to let them know in advance if they want to join to get an idea of numbers

Would be great if you’d like to look after a group on a longer ride! (Though I work in kilometres…)


Hiya mate. I agree it would be nice to have a regular longer ride, and there’s definitely a place on Sundays for a mid-range ride. Only issue at the moment is the shortage of ride leaders. Currently there’s only Jools and myself who can lead with some regularity with others leading when they can. We also have to keep the accessible ride accessible as that forms part of the core goal of the club. That said, if you could lead we could make longer rides work by having both accessible and mid-range ride set off together, and then the accessible ride taking a shorter route while you lead the mid-range ride onwards. Depending on who turns up on the day, we can merge the two rides together like today, however we currently don’t have great visibility into who will turn up. Can you chat to @jools about this?



Longer rides are fine but it very much depends on the time one has available hence the pace.

@PatrickG , plan a route / target avg and ensure you set the ride policy ahead. Make also sure that those who join can do the ride you plan or the result will be a general unhappiness.

I have a few routes I can suggest for you . Let me know in case.



Velopark tomorrow… I am planning some recovery laps tomorrow afternoon at around 4pm for 1h at the Velopark. Let me know if interested…



@Theqg_QG I could go for ride but after 6pm


Thanks @Henry for the ride out today, really appreciate it especially after your 120k yesterday!!
Agree with all comments regarding longer rides and the need for more leaders.
Oh and sorry for slowing you all down today!


Tomorrow the velopark is only accessible until 5:30pm


Oh good to know. I might need to head out towards Epping for the spin. Thanks for heads up @Theqg_QG


You are welcome. Best thing is to check this page:


Btw, on Thursday we will be at the velopark at 6.30pm till 8pm for some laps


Ah, hi Henry!

I was out early doors on Sunday unfortunately.

If I’m back in time on Thursday I’ll join you folks around 6/6.30 for some velopark loops (although you’ll probably lap me some more depending on the speed!). Will try going Tuesday too if I can get out of work on time.


Was a pleasure mate, and thanks for leading us through Theydon Bois.

@Adam no worries, I’ll wear the polka dots on Thursday so say hi!


Dawid and I went on to do 65 miles in total what happened to you and John?


Whats your number? And those sites we spoke about?


Sunny Sunday club ride in Epping. Thanks for leading @Henry and @Sjh


We were looking for you but you were nowhere in sight, where did you go? However, we were told that you may have gone off for a coffee.


Hi All
I can lead the accessible ride on Easter Sunday.

Please let me know if you plan to come along, and please do read the info post at the top of this thread


Good Friday 4 Good Ride - UPDATE

Please stay tuned for the Good Friday Ride. The idea is to have an endurance ride of 176km to Cambridge from which those who don’t feel like riding back can take the train.

Route (thanks to @Pastor-Kawesi)

The target avg speed will be in the 26-28kmh range with a recovery break half way.

Departure time 8:30am from the usual place.

Ride Policy:

  1. Unless you are Jens Voigt you must have a good fulfilling breakfast , if you are Jens Voigt then make sure you feed gels to your bike.
  2. Bring spare tubes and a pump or Co2 (no spare parts no ride)
  3. Bring some money and a cell phone (not much for Strava but for safety)
  4. Bring water (suggesting mixed electrolyte), it is getting warmer, it means you will sweat more and would need to brings salts back into your body, the results are cramps a bad ride for everyone.
  5. Bring food, gels, chocolate cookies (if your name is David or if you like them), protein bar, chicken sandwich, soup …whatever you like. You must eat during the ride. If you drink and eat only when you feel the need for it then it is already too late as your body is already going into reserve.
  6. Make sure you are confident with the target pace and distance. This means that you have ridden a similar ride profile before.
  7. Make sure that your bike is in good conditions; mechanicals problems can always happen, but starting off with a not fully functional bike increases the chances of having issues during the way.
  8. Last but not least download the map onto your Garmin and charge your device the day before the ride, again the main purpose is to be safe.
  9. @Jonathan_Calderon may have additional suggestions

Please reply to this thread if you’d like to join and please indicate whether you are in for the entire ride or just the mighty half.