April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides


Glad to hear you are experiencing good training results from your new DT Swiss, the R 23 spline work perfectly with the new breed of wider road tyres too, are you running tubeless yet? Tom


Recovery laps at velopark tomorrow afternoon at 15:30.

@Lee do you wanna join ?


Hi Tom. How’s things?
Was actually talking to someone yesterday about tubeless. She uses them for racing and it kept her in a race recently

I’ve heard plenty on the benefits, but was going to try and figure out how messy it gets when the gunk fails on a big flat!


Thanks for the ride yesterday @jools and @Henry! Good to see everyone and looking forward to next weekend.


Haha :slight_smile: yes I got twice stand still but 3rd loop when food finaly got digested I went fine. I definitely need to eat next time some breakfast rather than getting up 8.10 am running into shower and then riding quickly to meeting point. It’s hard with my lifestyle but need to get my fitness back. Well let’s hope this Sunday I will do 6 loops as I wanted.
Pleasure to ride with you guys.
Also we should maybe hang around for some post ride chat and coffee? We did that with Emir and would be great if more ppl would like to join

April 2017 - Cycle Club Training + Leisure Rides

For those interested in doing laps this evening, a few of us will meet at the Velopark ( the outdoor track) this evening at 6pm.


Hey Emir msg me so we can organize ride on the road track. I will pass you my number in pm


If I’m done with all my uni project or I decide to have a break I will pop in


I am aiming to be at the Velopark as well this evening, however perhaps closer to 7. Will try to make it there for 6 and try to hang on!!


Hi guys. I went there bit early. I need to crack on with my uni work now.
I’m thinking to have late afternoon ride tomorrow as well. See u there


Enjoyed today!


Found you folks. Was lapped at the velopark yesterday eve by a polka-dot e20 cc jersey. I’m based in Stratford and looking to join a cycling club. Will keep a look out here!


I may go again today at around 3pm for 1h


I will have to go later. I think around 6pm. Wish I could go at the same time. Is so much better to do laps with somebody rather than solo


Hi Adam. We are there pretty often although not all of us have club colours ( hopefully more soon :)) see you on the track next time and maybe if you can join our Sunday ride!


Hi @Adam! That was me in the pink e20cc polka dot jersey. Will celebrate having lapped someone tonight! As Dawid said, we do a variety of rides on Sunday: casual pace, medium and fast. There’s always a casual ride on a Sunday which is up to High Beech in Epping Forest where we do a few Hill Loops and then head back to Stratford. About 25 miles in all, no one gets left behind and we go and come back as a group. Ride leaders will post proposed rides and routes here, usually by Friday, so feel free to come along to try it out, just let us know here. Further information is at the top of this thread but in brief we meet at 08:15 opposite Sainsburys for an 08:30 depart.


Hi folks! Happy to lead the accessible/social/recovery ride this Sunday 9th April. It’ll be a gentle ride up to High Beach near Epping with a couple of hill loops before heading back to the East Village. Around 25 miles total at 14-16 mph with no one left behind. Breakfast, water (it’s going to be hot!), spare inner-tube are essential, food recommended. Bike lock/backpack not necessary.

If any regulars would like to co-lead, that would be great. Just requires being at the back and making sure no one gets dropped or get caught out by turning traffic lights!


It’s been a while but I am definitely in tomorrow!


I’m in see you tomorrow.


I should be with you!