Anyone interested in after-school Maths & English tuition for their children?


Hi all,

I’m new to Yonder so please bear with me.

I work in a small team in Hackney delivering Maths and English tuition classes for Primary and Secondary school kids and thought it may be something this neighbourhood may be interested in.

We have been working with kids since 1999 and have seen great results and now looking for a new area to extend these services. It will cost between £55-60 per month and will include various opportunities and activities apart from the core learning. For example, we teach the key skill directly but also run sessions where they put these skills to practice using fun activities like robot building and programming. Later on, we can introduce them to mentors in the city so that they are exposed to various aspirations etc.

If anyone is interested or has any feedback please message me or reply below. Also if you know anyone who might be interested, please share this with them.



Welcome to Yonder, sounds interesting, where are the after/school classes located?


Hi Lee,
Currently, the sessions are based in Shoreditch near Hoxton Market.
If there is enough interest in E20, we’re thinking we could hire a space somewhere in East Village.

I regularly meet friends in the Olympic Village and they strongly believe many parents would make use of it but it’ll be good to find out what the wider neighbourhood thinks


Sounds good. I’ve been looking for tuition for my 2 kids. I have an 8 yo and 13 yo that are ok in school but extra tuition would be great.
Classes are packed in schools so I don’t want them to grow up with gaps in their learning.

I think it’s a great idea Emma. I’ve got a neighbours that I’m sure will love this but she’s not on yonder

Lisa :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for a some tuition for my 8 year old son so I’m up for it.

Btw, this isn’t a Kumon centre right? I’ve heard the repetition of those centres can get annoying…?


Hi Sahins,

Nope this certainly isn’t a Kumon Centre and I know exactly what you mean. We offer core learning that is aligned to the National Curriculum plus we cement the learning by using activities that use Maths and English.

As you may already know, schools have jam-packed agendas and classrooms so it’s difficult to pick up on the individual needs of children or use activity rich sessions. We have more time to concentrate on individual children and run activity rich sessions for alternative learning.

Hope that helps


Hi Lisa,

I’m glad you mention the gaps in learning as that’s exactly what we aim to resolve.
Thank you for passing on to your neighbours. I’ll direct message you with my contact details to pass on to others.

Thank you


Roughly how many hours per week would this equate to?

We were using this place last year for additional maths tuition, it worked out well for our (then) 7 year old for pre-SATs (just 5 minutes from Chobham Academy)


Hi Lee,

Sorry about the late reply, we had our annual training this week so playing catch up today

Short answer is 4 hours per week but I’ll send you a private massage with how the process works