Any freeview users in east village?


Does anyone use a Freeview recorder box? If so:

  • Which model do you use?
  • Was it difficult to set up, (I am a Luddite)?
  • Is the picture quality good?

I’m considering this as an alternative to SKY and would be interested to hear of others’ experiences.

Thank you.
Kindest regards,



I’m using the Freesat Humax box:

I rate it very highly:

  • The user interface is one of the best I have seen across TVs.
  • I like the accompanying smartphone app which allows to set recordings very easily (e.g. record entire series).
  • You can record and watch at the same time, so if you start watching a recorded program 20 minutes after it starts, then this lets you skip forward the ads.
  • Easy to set up.
  • You might want to investigate the model - it’s useful to be able to record multiple programs at the same time.

I can’t speak for the content you are looking for. It’s got Film4 - you’d have to look into that yourself.


Thanks so much Samuel for taking the time to send such a helpful & comprehensive response. It is very much appreciated.
Kindest regards,