29 °C Istra House corridor


It’s been like this for a long time, I can feel the floor heating is still on in the corridor. I sent an email to East Village, are the other buildings the same?

(I believe this is ELE’s Common Heat Availability Charge for.)


BTW, it’s only 22 °C in my flat, and I think if I keep my thermometer in the corridor for longer it would show 30 °C


Egremont’s corridors have been roasting, year round, since i moved in over 5 years ago. Every visitor we’ve ever had has commented on how hot the building is!


I haven’t got a reply from East Village. Have you contacted them? Did they do anything?

It’s crazy that in the hottest day of the year, floor heating in the corridor is still on.


There are others who know far more than I about the heating and hot water system in EV but Pippin’s corridors were always disgustingly hot. But I don’t think it is the case that the corridors are being actively heated (that is, it’s not that someone’s turned the thermostat up in that area).

My understanding is that the corridors are so hot as there are pipes underneath/above carrying the hot water supply to the apartments and thus are ‘always on’ so to speak. That said, the same system is in Glasshouse Gardens and although those corridors were warm, they were never as hot as the EV corridors so I think poor insulation also comes into play.


Hey Guys

Festive Mansion corridors are just the same - too damn hot! And the problem is not technical; it’s commercial and unethical…

The generating station over by the canal recovers waste and supplies all the East Village apartments. The power plant developer’s business case was reliant on revenues not just from the electricity generated but from the waste heat recovered - to make the business case stack up a minimum amount of waste heat needs to be exported and metered. So, what’s happening is Eastlondonenergy are exporting heat regardless of whether or not we need it. And we don’t! If they were to exhaust the waste heat that is surplus to requirements they would not get paid for it. I suspect that this may well be a criminal act and now that I have some spare bandwidth my intention is to bring the issue to the residents management meeting.


:open_mouth: Assuming what you’ve said really is the case, that’s madness! I appreciate you taking time to take this matter to the residents management meeting - Would you mind reporting back if you get a response?