10GB Broadband tested in E20


Ten gigabit home broadband tested in UK


It’s just a piece of marketing propaganda and won’t exist for years yet. It’s actually pointless anyway. Virtually nothing can push data at even 1Gbps, nevermind 10Gbps. I download games from Steam, for example, and it caps out at 400Mbps. Then the client has to stop downloading every so often because it literally can’t decompress the files as fast as I can download them. When your internet connection is faster than your CPU / hard drive then you have a problem :laughing:.


Despite the loads of advertisement material I get from Hyperoptic (and which, btw, I am not able to stop receiving), I’ve always been with BT. Since autumn, I use “Unlimited BT Infinity 1” which gives me a download speed of up to 52Mbps and an upload speed of up to 9Mbps. And that’s indeed what I really get, at least according to http://www.speedtest.net/ And you know what? It’s more than enough for video streaming from e.g. https://www.curzonhomecinema.com/ and of course as well from working at home. And it costs me £12 a month. No kidding.


I’m not sure if it’s only GLL that have the super cheap Hyperoptic pricing? But for anyone who can get that it’s really the best option since it’s faster and cheaper than anything else. So the BT deal is not a great recommendation. £10 for 100Mb up/down and basically no contention because it’s fibre to the building and ethernet from the basement to each flat. You don’t even need a modem and you’re not stuck with some awful locked down hardware provided by the ISP. Just stick any random router straight into the patch panel.

My router automatically runs a speed test every couple of days on my gigabit line and the only reason the download shows at 500-600Mb is because Google simply won’t serve the test file faster than that.