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Seagulls (3)
Someone tried to force open the door to the "secure" bike storage (4)
Sky issues in asterid heights? (6)
Artisan Market (18)
A Very British Summer, in East Village! (8)
Fix Class Pass - 10 x exercise classes for £100 (save £20) (1)
FTAG - Acoustic Foam Tiles (1)
Bike lock cable stolen today (Festive Mansions again) (2)
Replacement Shower Hose (4)
Bathroom cabinet light (top) (18)
Bins can't be used/opened them without pulling them out and turning them 90 or 180 degrees (1)
M/C undercroft parking (1)
From the Counter terrorism police (1)
Note from Counter terrorism (1)
Alpha course at Church E20 (1)
Smart meters for electricity (9)
Thank you to all those who completed the survey! The winners have been contacted (6)
Changing Ceiling Spotlight Bulbs (11)
East Village Trust (2)
Plot N22 at IQL North site Investigation works (1)
Electricity supply problems - flickering lights / blown fuses (7)
Trustees Needed (1)
En suite showers - Defects inspection (15)
No servicing taking place for heating, electricity, and MVHR (16)
EVRA Annual General Meeting - 23rd February 2017 (4)
I had my shirts ironed for 50p a piece, including pick up & return (2)
Why do I have to contribute to the "car park services" expenditure? (6)
Fish House E20 Special Offer (1)
Sky TV signal problems (3)
Win Tickets to the Revolution Champions League 2016 (3)